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Rebecca’s sweet voice safely relaxes you to that still and quiet place within, and from there she supports and encourages you as you seek, find, and follow your own inner guidance.  Thanks Rebecca!  — DG

“If you want to understand, love yourself and others more with a deeper appreciation of change and growth…Rebecca is a true professional hypnotherapist that can help find your path” — BWC

I had a hypnotherapy session with Rebecca to understand the lessons I came to learn in this life. Rebecca with loving skill guided me to an awareness of how in this life I manage unconscious fears by a constant busy — ness that compromises relationships and relaxation. The session was deep and relaxing and I was able to effortlessly access the information I needed with Rebecca’s help. I’m sincerely grateful. — CB

“I found Rebecca to be a wonderful caring and thoughtful hypnotherapist. Her accepting approach during our time together helped me to be relaxed and enjoy a very insightful session that to this day has helped me to continually change my perception of myself.” — CJA 

“Rebecca will help you refocus on your life’s path which in turn will bring clarity, happiness and confidence.” — BC

“Rebecca has a unique gift of helping you getting in touch with your deeper self. She is a true professional who will make you feel comfortable and reassure you through the process” — BWC

“I’ve gone to places during hypnotherapy with Rebecca that wouldn’t happen anywhere else! I’ve even visited a future me, who had advice and encouragement that I could use right now. — DG

  “Working with Rebecca was a wonderful experience for me. She helped me to open my mind to possibilities that I had not considered before and I came away from our session with a resource/gift that I wasn’t aware of before.” — CJA

Rebecca is a first — rate hypnotherapist with a thoughtful and insightful approach. She is very attentive to the needs of those she works with. Her caring, respectful, and professional manner made me immediately comfortable. — KA