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Hypnotherapy for the Mind

Increase Confidence


When we quiet our conscious thoughts, we can get in touch with our deepest and truest selves. This is why the experience of hypnosis is intrinsically affirming. In Client-Centered Hypnotherapy, I take this a step further, encouraging clients to see and appreciate their own strengths and qualities.

Many of us have limiting beliefs about ourselves that don’t serve us.  Whether these beliefs are found both consciously or unconsciously, it is therapeutic to release them. With hypnotherapy we can replace limiting beliefs with self-affirming beliefs.

What are limiting beliefs?

Limiting beliefs are beliefs that hold us back because we have a negative view of ourselves and/or our abilities.  

How are limiting beliefs formed?

Our subconscious is linked to the primitive parts of our brain that evolved over the millennia to help us cope with life in the wild.

In its efforts to help us learn lessons that will increase our chances for survival, the brain does two things that no longer serve us in modern, civilized life:

  1. To seek the cause of negative experience within our own behaviors, i.e. to “blame ourselves” for negative experience.  
  2. To weight the memories of negative experiences much more strongly than positive experiences.

(These functions make perfect sense in a wild setting where we must learn from our mistakes to avoid being eaten by a saber tooth tigers.)

Negative experiences from birth, childhood, and adolescence often leave people with imprinting that holds them back from the truest and most beautiful expression of their life’s purpose.

         Example: “I am terrible at speaking in front of large groups, I’ll never do that again!” This is an example of a belief that doesn’t have to be true.

 Release fears and phobias


Make life an adventure

If there is a specific fear, phobia, or hang up which is holding you back in any area of your life, hypnotherapy can help you unlock your highest potential.  
Hypnosis is an excellent tool for eliminating fears and phobias, which may be completely cured in only a single session.  

When we allow ourselves to be overtaken by a fear or phobia, there is a tendency for the mind to spin out of control, imagining negative events that are not actually happening. Hypnosis helps us learn to ground ourselves in the present, so we can differentiate reality from our fears. Hypnotherapy also allows us to replay events that led to the fears in the first place and draw new conclusions from what happened that are not limiting.

Create more abundance in your life

hypnotherapy for wealth

Our attitudes about wealth, money, and what we deserve affect our lives profoundly. These attitudes are typically formed in the earliest years of our lives, and if they are negative, they can hold us back. Hypnotherapy abundance works by fostering positive expectations deep in our subconscious about what we deserve and what we can accept.   This is valuable beyond measure because abundance work is all about attitude.

Relieve stress and anxiety

hypnotherapy for stress and anxiety

Hypnosis is deeply relaxing, so finding that state helps “train” your brain to relax, and calms the entire nervous system as well. Self-hypnosis is also helpful for managing anxiety in the moment. This allows you to “turn down the volume” of stress and anxiety by accessing your subconscious.

As with phobias, when we experience anxiety, there is a tendency for the mind to spin out of control, imagining negative events that are not actually happening. Hypnosis helps us learn to ground ourselves in the present, so we feel calm and peaceful.

Resolve painful memories

hypnotherapy for painful memories

Baggage: we all have it. Sometimes it can be scary to look back at our past, especially if we feel that we would rather not dwell on the things that have been difficult, or we would rather “just forget” about them. However, in the 90% of the mind that is subconscious, painful memories can hold us back.

Through hypnosis, painful and traumatic memories can be processed and re-integrated creating an empowering outlook. The look of relief and joy on a person’s face after such an experience is priceless, and the person can walk forward into life having lightened their load. 

Academic Performance and Test Anxiety

hypnotherapy for test anxiety

Hypnosis is often defined as a state of heightened concentration, and thus the experience of hypnotherapy can be an opportunity to “train” the brain to relax and focus on the task at hand, leading to greater academic performance. Hypnotherapy also provides a chance to instill positive suggestions for success deep in the subconscious mind.

Self-hypnosis is helpful for managing test anxiety in the moment. This allows you to “turn down the volume” of the anxiety by accessing your subconscious. 

Enhance Creative Flow and Artistic Expression

hypnotherapy for creativity

While the conscious mind is the “left brain” and is responsible for rational and analytical thought, the unconscious mind is the “right brain” and is responsible for artistic and spiritual experience.

Hypnotherapy can help release fears or limiting beliefs that are blocking creative flow, and can help strengthen the connections to the subconscious that we use when we create art.