• Hypnosis Works!

    In hypnotherapy, we use relaxation to quiet our conscious thoughts, allowing ourselves direct communication with our subconscious mind.

    Our subconscious is the driving force behind 90% of our behaviors. By working with our subconscious we can create lasting change in our lives.

Client Feedback

  • “I found Rebecca to be a wonderful caring and thoughtful hypnotherapist. Her accepting approach during our time together helped me to be relaxed and enjoy a very insightful session that to this day has helped me to continually change my perception of myself.” -CJA

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  • “Working with Rebecca was a wonderful experience for me. She helped me to open my mind to possibilities that I had not considered before and I came away from our session with a resource/gift that I wasn’t aware of before.” -CJA


What is Client-Centered Hypnotherapy?

What is Client-Centered Hypnotherapy?

The goal of Client-Centered Hypnotherapy is client empowerment. Every session is tailored to the client, using imagery that speaks to them.
When we open the pathways to our subconscious we can heal wounds, release limitations, and exceed our highest expectations.

How does Hypnotherapy work?

How does Hypnotherapy work?

Using Hypnotherapy we can:

  • Align our subconscious with our desires
  • Establish positive behaviors such as eating healthy
  • Identify and change limiting beliefs
  • Access untapped potential
  • Process and release stuck emotions

and so much more…

Rebecca Lorang CHt

Rebecca Lorang CHt

Hi, My name is Rebecca. I first became interested in being a hypnotherapist because I was able to quit smoking by using hypnotherapy.

I opened my own certified practice in 2015, and it is my greatest joy to empower clients to bring quick and lasting change to their lives.