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Hypnosis for Spirit

Strengthen Direct Spiritual Connection

hypnotherapy for spiritual connections

When we strengthen the connection between our subconscious and conscious mind there is something profound that happens; we begin to know ourselves more fully and allow ourselves to connect more deeply with our “true” or “higher” selves.  

Throughout recorded human history people have utilized trance states to transcend the physical in search of something more. A few examples include meditation, saying mantras, chanting, dance, drumming, and shamanism.

In Client-Centered Hypnotherapy, the experience is tailored to fit the individual. The goal is to help the client learn how to access their power. Sometimes this involves showing people the doors that lead to their Angels, Spirit Guides, or Spirit Animals.

Explore Past Lives with Past Life Regression Therapy

hypnotherapy for past lives

Past Life Regression, or PLR, was first discovered by prominent psychotherapist Dr. Brian Weiss. Once featured on Oprah’s “Super Soul Sunday,” the bestselling book, Many Lives Many Masters, recounts how Dr. Weiss first stumbled upon the PLR therapy while using hypnosis to treat a woman who was seeing him for psychotherapy. Though traditional psychotherapy failed to solve her many problems, Dr. Weiss’ patient was completely healed by the exploration of her past lives.

Since this book was published, many people have gone on to explore past incarnations and the lessons to be learned from previous lifetimes. PLR therapy has been extremely therapeutic to many and also has served to fascinate others who are simply curious or have always “had a feeling” about having experienced a previous lifetime.


Dream Interpretation

hypnotherapy for dream interpretation

Have you ever had a dream that seemed so important, but you couldn’t remember all the details? Maybe the dream stuck with you, or seemed somehow important but you didn’t know why. Dreams are messages from our subconscious, and we can use hypnotherapy as a tool for interpreting them and gaining important insights we would otherwise miss.  

There are so many books out there about dream interpretation that give specific meanings for what appears in dreams. However, these books often contradict each other because there are no universal meanings for what appears in our dreams. The meaning behind what we dream is highly personal and significant. The best way to interpret your dreams is to connect to your subconscious and ask the right questions.